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Recycle Delay 2/4/2020

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The recycle for Fort Mill on Tuesday, February 4th may not be completed today.  We do apologize for the delay in service.  Please leave your recycle cart and we will be back first thing Wednesday morning to complete the service.

Dirty carts? See how we’re cleaning things up!

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Signature Waste has been working to develop a solution to filthy carts.  We finally have a solution.  We want to introduce you to our friends at “We Clean Dumpsters”.  Take a look here to see their pricing.  You can sign up to have your carts washed on various intervals and select from multiple plans.  We know what its like to have a filthy cart, clean it up with “We Clean Dumpsters”!

Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

Service as usual today, only with a little more spookyness than usual.

Have a fun and safe night of trick or treating if you are going out tonight, and remember to bring an umbrella!

Today is your last chance to flag down the rolling Jack-O-Lantern until next year so be sure not to miss this opportunity if you can help it.


Glass and Recycling

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The facility that we bring your recyclables to has asked that we remove glass from our recycling.  This means that we, Signature Waste, can no longer accept your glass recycling.  The recycling center we use tells us the expenses associated with recycling glass outweighs the value of recycling glass to begin with.  Please read the following article it goes into detail about the need and the issues of accepting glass.

High costs and limited markets puts a crack in glass recycling.

If you are looking for alternative solutions to recycle your glass bottles and material click on your area below for a list of community drop of sites where you can bring your sorted glass recycling.  These sites are able to continue recycling glass because they do not have the added expense of sorting glass bits out of co-mingled (or mixed) recycling material.

Mecklenburg County

York County

Lancaster County

Better Business Bureau Accredited

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We value humility, but sometimes you have to pat yourself on the back when you really deserve it.

Signature Waste Systems (your favorite trash and recycle hauler) is now officially an accredited business with the BBB!

On top of such an accolade, we have earned an A+ rating for trustworthy and reliable business practices in your neighborhood for the past 15 years!

We are proud of what we do and we are honored to earn the accolades to justify that.


Check out our BBB page here!

Now Serving Indian Land!

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Signature Waste is happy to welcome our neighbors in Indian Land and Lancaster county to our family!

If you or someone you know is interested in trash pick-up and live in the Indian Land or Lancaster county, call us!  Ask about our special rates and Signature service!

We are excited about this expansion and want to make this transition as smooth as possible.  Let us know how we can help do that for you.

We will be at the Indian Land Fall Festival Saturday and Sunday of October 5th & 6th!  Come out and see us there.

Get notified with service updates & alerts!

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Receive text and or email notifications any time there are updates to your trash and recycling service.
Instead of checking to see if your neighbors cans are out every time a national holiday comes around, subscribe to the convenience of a quick text or email that lets you know in advance when to roll those carts out for pick up.
We are excited to introduce this system to keep you informed and up to date on all the information you need and nothing you don’t.


Sign up here!


You can also find a link to sign up in “Service Alerts” under the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page!

Cart Placement

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Our drivers have noticed that carts are being placed with handles facing the road.  The handles need to be facing your house and the opening of the carts needs to be facing the road. Also please try and put 3 feet clearance between cars and mailboxes.  If your cart is setting up against one of those the driver will not be able to service.  Below is how the carts are picked up from your home and taken over the top of truck to be emptied.