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February 2022

Please Excuse the Mess

By | Announcements

Signature Waste is no stranger to difficult times, but it is during these times that we are most grateful for those around us including our vendors, drivers, mechanics, office staff, and especially you; our customers and neighbors.  We value transparency and want you to know that what you may see happening to many small companies around your neighborhoods is just as equally affecting us.

Our drivers are exhausted, and they need your support.  So please, when you are serviced or communicating with one of our representatives, be kind. Be patient. Be understanding. Our drivers and staff need it right now more than ever.  This Signature team is doing our best to carry on under the continued mental and physical strain being placed on us.  And we are doing so as we, along with other industries across the United States, are facing a staffing shortage – due in part to the effects of this Covid virus.  There have been delays due to weather, driver absences, server crashes due to a lightening storm, we have been short staffed, and behind on multiple occasions but we take pride in the diligent effort and passion we put behind ensuring that you are serviced in the face of these challenges.

We want you to know that we apologize for these delays and are currently making big changes which will soon return us to an even more dependable service routine.  Our team is growing, systems have been upgraded, new systems are being stress tested, and management is undergoing big changes as well.

Please excuse the mess!