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  • Tega Cay (including New and Peninsula Tega Cay)*

*Trash Only


  • New Tega Cay (including Dam Rd)*
  • Peninsula Tega Cay*
  • Baxter (including all areas off Sutton Rd, Gray Rock, and New Gray Rock Rd)
  • Hwy 160 (Brayden, Keating Place, and Tara Planation)
  • Habersham (including Coltharp Rd)

*Recycle Only


  • Flint Hill Rd
  • English Trail
  • Regent Park
  • Foxwood
  • Gold Hill (Zip Code 29715)
  • Steele Meadows
  • Almond Glen
  • McCullough
  • Rock Hill (All areas North of or adjacent to Celanese Rd., Herlong Ave., W. Mt. Gallant Rd, & the neighborhood of Hutchinson Place)


  • Altura Rd (Caroland, Fair Oakes, Blue Jay Pass, & Council House)
  • Pleasant Rd (Pleasant Glen, Villas at Beacon Knoll, Beacon Knoll, Mary Ellen, Bailiwyck, Melbourne at Bailiwyck, Saddle Ridge, & Ashford on the Water)
  • Gold Hill Rd (Zip Code 29708) (including Knightsbridge, Carowood including Whitley Rd, Eppington South, Spicewood, Hawks Creek, & Palmetto East and West)
  • Hwy 160 (Hamilton Place, Steel Creek Landing, & Falcon Ridge)
  • Zoar Rd & Thomas Rd
  • Charlotte, NC (Youngblood Rd, McKee Rd, & Shopton Rd. West)


  • Lake Wylie
  • Clover
  • York
  • Indian Land