Service Rates are Changing

Rating adjustments are coming effective 01/01/2022 to all subscription customers!  If you belong to a community with special pricing your rates will not change.   Communities wishing to apply for special pricing can do so at any time.  You will see these changes on your next invoice.

  • Trash Only

    • $75.00/quarter or $25.00/month
  • Trash & Recycling

    • $90.00/quarter or $30.00/month
  • Extra Trash or Recycling Cart

    • $24.00/quarter or $8.00/month

Trash Only

$ 15.00

Increase QuarterlyWhat has caused this change to your trash service rate?

↓↓↓ See below to find out! ↓↓↓

Trash and Recycle

$ 15.00

Increase QuarterlyWhat has caused this change to your trash service rate?

↓↓↓ See below to find out! ↓↓↓

Landfill Increase

$ 11.01

Per QuarterLandfill rates have been going up.


We use both Republic’s transfer station in Fort Mill, SC, and York County Landfill in York, SC to dispose of your waste.

As average disposal weights for each home have skyrocketed in 2020 and 2021, so have the disposal costs!  We are working diligently to keep your rates to an affordable low while still guaranteeing you the best service we can provide!

Recycle Increase

$ 4.03

Per QuarterRates for the York County Recycling Center went from $35.00 to $50.00 / ton in July 1st of 2021.

Contaminated recycling loads of recycling yield an additional $50.00/ton fine.

Our 30% adjustment on recycling directly reflects this base 30% rate increase but does NOT reflect the over 185% contaminated load penalty.


Driver Pay

$ 2.40

Per QuarterAs our neighborhoods continue to grow, our driver’s routes do to in spite of our ever expanding fleet!

We take pride in treating our drivers with the utmost respect, and that includes compensating them appropriately for their tireless work.

We have decided to update the pay stubs of both the drivers you’ve come to know and recognize in addition to a few new faces on the team!


$ 7.50

Per QuarterThe 30% rate increase at York County Recycling Center accounts for only a small portion of the cost it takes to dispose of recycling.

Contaminated recycling loads literally double the total bill from $50.00/ton to $100.00/ton.

This is an expense we have historically covered out of pocket, however contaminated load frequency has also nearly doubled since 2020 officially making recycling MORE expensive to dispose than even solid waste.

In Addition…

We spent MANY man hours running numbers, figures, and hypotheticals to determine the best quote to guarantee top of the line service to every home we serve. Fuel prices, volatile markets, and several more unnamed expenses have been considered, negotiated, and factored into our consideration.  The prices you see are a result of that effort.  These rates allow us to avoid fluctuating annual (or even quarter to quarter) rates like many of our competitors, guarantee reliably honest trash and recycling practices, all while ensuring that the service you pay for is the top of the line Signature quality of service you receive!