Christmas Tree Pickup

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Signature is picking up your Christmas trees!


Interested?  Here is what you will do:
  1. Fill out the form below and check “Christmas Tree” under items to be removed.
  2. Have your tree out on your pick up date listed below and you are all set!


You must have submitted the form below and prepaid before Christmas Eve to be eligible for Christmas Tree pick up!


Visit the Calendar page to see when your pick up date will be according to your zip code

  • Zip codes 29715 & 29707 will be picked up Friday the 31st of December.
  • Zip codes 29708 & 28278 will be picked up Wednesday the 5th of January.
  • Zip codes 29710, 29745, & 29732 will be picked up Friday the 7th of January.

Pickup is $15.00 / Tree

*Deal only applies to residents who schedule a removal by the deadline and on their respective pickup day as assigned above

Recycling Inspection in Tega Cay

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One city in York County wants volunteers to inspect neighbors’ recycle bins

“If they can find the volunteers, Tega Cay could start a program early next year where volunteers inspect what residents put in recycle bins.

“It’s kind of a one last ditch effort before we cancel the program,” said City Councilwoman Heather Overman…”


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Help Us Help You Recycle!

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For years York county did not have any facilities accepting recycling material.  This means all those bottles, glass, and cans you so proudly rolled to the street every other week had nowhere to go!  Your haulers, including Signature Waste Systems, were caught between a rock and a hard place.  You were doing your part.  Your efforts to keep our planet a little cleaner deserved to be rewarded.  That’s why 7/1/2019 Signature Waste in collaboration with our neighbors in Tega Cay successfully petitioned to be the first and only hauler accepted at York county recycling facilities.   After a successful month with Signature, in 8/1/2019, York county was finally convinced to open recycling access to all haulers, not just Signature Waste.  York county was finally recycling.

Now we all have the great responsibility of doing the same in Lancaster county.  Currently we have NO recycling facilities in Lancaster county.  Some of our competition have resorted to claiming they recycle and are making their customers pay more for it!  Not only do we have to hold these companies accountable, we have to hold our community leaders accountable.  Zone for recycling centers, bring those facilities to our neighborhoods, keep our haulers honest about their recycling practices, help us make Lancaster green!

We want to hear from you!

How can we bring recycling to Lancaster?